Using video to build great relationships

Business is all about building relationships. If you need financing, you need relationships with investors. You need to network if you want more clients. Want more sales, build relationships with your audience. You get the picture.

While getting out and networking with your community and other businesses is the best way to build solid relationships, videos are a close second as viewers can still see and hear you, and you have the same opportunity to present your unique personality. Your audience will know after listening to one video whether they like your style and what you have to say. And after multiple videos, they'll start to trust you, eventually leading to an interaction or purchase with your company.

But however important video is, it's important that you don’t just 'wing it' without putting in any thought or preparation. In our opinion, bad video is worse than no video!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when recording a video...


Keep eye contact with the camera, no wandering eyes. Keeping eye contact with your viewers builds trust and they will feel as if you’re speaking directly to them, making them focus more on your message.


Try pretending that the person on the other side of the camera is your best friend (or mum, mentor, etc). Don’t pay attention to the view counter when you’re doing a Facebook Live; don’t worry about how many thousands of people may see it on YouTube. Instead, focus your attention as if you are talking to just one person so your message is clear and comes across naturally.


In this digital age, people's attention spans are incredibly short - you really need to capture their attention in the first 3 seconds. There are exceptions to every rule, but if you’re doing a series of videos to introduce yourself to your audience, keep them short. You can cover a lot of information in 2-3 minutes. There are instances where you'll need to take longer, e.g. for a product review.. but just remember to keep it short and interesting.


Viewers relate better to videos that have a clear message. If you start your message, then diverge into a story about your weekend, then mention something political before getting back to your main message, chances are you’ll lose viewers, not only now but for future videos as well. Know your topic well, prepare bullet points to stay on track, and practice before hand if necessary. People do relate to storytelling, but that’s very different from rambling about disconnected thoughts!


Again, people’s attention span is short. So if you don’t post at least once per week, you're likely to be forgotten quickly. You’re fighting with others in your industry for name recognition, so plan out a video calendar complete with exact topics and calls-to-actions (always tell your viewers what to do next after watching your video) to make it easier to keep recording videos.

And if you’re cringing at the idea of being on video, the best advice we can give is to take some deep breaths and just give it a try. Someone out there in the big wide world needs to hear your message. And remember that practice makes perfect .. so, go on and give it a go!

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