3 Reasons why you should update your headshot right now

Professional photographers know all about lighting and composition and they can create magnificent portraits even in the most simple of studios because of this vast knowledge. If you have used your own selfies on your website, social media, and business cards, it’s time to stop and upgrade to professional portraits.

While the cost of hiring a photographer may be daunting – consider it a business investment – the improvement in your brand image will drastically improve. Besides, aren’t you already complaining about needing more time in your day to complete your to-do list? Why on earth would you want to take on photography responsibilities? As always, when you hire experts to do what they do best, it saves you money in the long run and the job gets done faster. Let your photographer worry about producing your photos while you continue working with your clients - now that's something that no-one else can do.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to update your business headshots:

1. Professional photos upgrade your business image considerably. While using your own selfies can get your website up quickly, professional photos show that you’re willing to invest in your business.

2. Do you really look the same today as you do in that 10-year-old photo? Even if you look like a supermodel in your old photo, chances are you look 100% different today. The hair, the makeup, weight gain/loss, glasses or contacts. The list of differences goes on but these differences are nothing to be ashamed of. Time is not evil and we all experience its changes. Embrace who you are, be proud of your business, and hire a professional photographer to create gorgeous images that will not only boost your image in the eyes of your followers but will also give you a boost of self-confidence.

3. Will people recognize you at conventions, speeches, or simple meetups? Social media and our websites generally serve as our first introductions to new followers and prospective clients. When you meet people in person, do you really want their first response to be, “Wow, you look so different in person”? Even if you don’t consciously intend to deceive people with an older photo, that may enter into people’s minds.

If your headshots are more than 2 years old, it’s probably time to update those photos. Especially if they are used on your website, social media, and printed marketing materials. Your business image should be consistent across all these platforms, and hiring a professional photographer to create that business image is money well invested.

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